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receiving his honorary Doctor of Letters from Walla Walla University at their Commencement Service on Sunday,
June 12, 2022.


Citation by

John McVay

President, Walla Walla University


Doctoral Degree

Dennis L. Plubell

Dennis Plubell has served the Seventh-day Adventist education system for almost 45 years as an academy science teacher, academy principal, conference educational superintendent, associate director of education for a union conference, and associate director of education for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists before assuming his current role as vice president of education for the North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. In that role, he has served as a trustee of Walla Walla University, chairing the Academic Planning Committee for the past eight years and proving always to be a keen supporter of the university and its mission.

Based on experience in both Canada and the United States, Plubell has been involved in developing much of the administrative infrastructure of Seventh-day Adventist pre-kindergarten to 12th grade education (PK-12) in North America, chairing a withering array or committees charged with developing numerous initiatives and documents.

Among the most far-reaching of his contributions has been his role in developing the Journey to Excellence vision of Adventist education in the North American Division. Since the program's inception in 1999, Plubell has participated in each successive revision, most recently charing the 2019-2020 Journey to Excellence 2.0 committee. Plubell has proved an effective advocate for the Journey to Excellence vision, which actualizes education that exhibits excellence in all that impacts student learning.

Notable as well is Plubell's work with school accreditation, which began when he was recruited to write school evaluation instruments for the North American Division. He has continued to participate in revising these documents as they have evolved into the digital instrument currently in use across the division. He has also been influential in developing accreditation protocols that are well respected by secular accrediting bodies and other private school systems. Along the way, Plubell has chaired more than 100 school accreditation visits.

While Plubell is foremost an educator, he is also a curriculum specialist, master writer, visionary leader, and mentor to new leaders. He is admired for his Christlike character and his commitment to a Seventh-day Adventist educational system that draws students to Jesus. His colleagues have learned to rely on his sage advice, extensive knowledge base, attention to detail, and the passion he exhibits for his craft.

With sincere appreciation for his generosity in service to Seventh-day Adventist education, Walla Walla University is pleased to bestow on Dennis Plubell the degree of doctor of letters, honoris causa.

Dennis Plubell

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