“At these conventions, we grow together to become better at what we do through socialization, education, and worship.”

“I come away blessed, refreshed, and energized for the work ahead!”

“The convention is a great opportunity to grow as a teacher, administrator, and follower of Jesus. It is an excellent meeting of the minds with fellow educators to share and learn from one another. Being able to grow as an educator from someone with a Biblical world view is a game changer. ”

“I love reconnecting with former colleagues and collaborating with other educators to broaden my perspective and inspire new approaches to my teaching.”

“There are so many things to enrich your teaching experience and make it exciting!”

“I remember multiple moments of knowing that God was present and leading specifically in meetings, conversations, and in my heart.”

“It's a great way to kick off a new school year with a fresh pep in your step!”

“You leave inspired, empowered and with a renewed commitment to the ministry of teaching.”

Inspiring, uplifting, empowering–


Summer 2023

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