A Transformational Learning Shift




he Adventist educational system serves more than 1.9 million students each year. We've been committed to quality Christian education for a long time. In fact, our educational roots predate the American Civil War.

But longevity alone doesn't make us great. Adventist education's greatness lies in its commitment to rise above the status quo and make positive impacts on generations of students. Implementing modern teaching methods is one of many ways Adventist education has historically fulfilled this commitment.

Standards-based learning is the next exciting step in our journey to excellence. It brings a transformational shift in the learning process and has the potential to illuminate understanding for countless learners.

In standards-based learning, clear communication defines what is to be learned. A teacher guides a student in setting personal learning goals and tracking their progress. These goals allow both the teacher and student to accurately measure individual growth and achievement. The process empowers the student and cultivates an attitude and mindset for lifelong-learning.

This shift in education won’t be achieved overnight. It is a journey.

The journey has begun here in the Northwest. Several pilot schools are already laying the foundation. They are discovering best practices for standards-based learning and identifying what areas need clarity and better understanding before full implementation. Meanwhile, training for the new method is happening for all Northwest Adventist educators.

While the shift to standards-based learning requires hard work and patience, the benefit to our students, both current and future, will be well worth the effort.

Standards-based learning is one more step in our journey to excellence.


North Pacific Union director for elementary education

Gleaner editor, currently serves as the NPUC Assistant to the President for Communication



Reprinted with permission from NPUC Gleaner; Jan/Feb 2022; Vol. 117, No 1

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