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recently read a statistic that stated that the number one predictor of a student’s success in the public sector is a child’s zip code. It is not IQ, school readiness or the ratio of students to teachers in the classroom, but where children live that determines if they will graduate from high school or complete higher education.

As I consider the factors that give our students in Adventist schools the “success” of higher test scores across the nation, it has little to do with where a student lives but everything to do with how long a student is in an Adventist school. The Cognitive Genesis study shows that students in Adventist schools outperformed the national average compared to students in both public and charter schools.

Our students enter the classroom each day to discover their God-given purpose and to learn skills that prepare them for a life of service. These classrooms are led by dedicated teachers who want to fulfill the mission of Adventist education, which is to help each student reach their highest potential and foster a

lifelong friendship with God that allows them to honor Him and bless others.

I recently asked several of our Rocky Mountain Conference teachers why they teach when they could easily do something else. As you read the hearts of these teachers, you will see they represent the mission of what makes our system so unique.

Adventist teachers combine the best of academics and God’s love for each student.

“I love the daily opportunity to help each student experience how distinctly special they are in God’s eyes.”

Carey Jordan, (7/8) HMS Richards Adventist School

“I am a missionary of Jesus to connect Him with others. I have chosen the ‘tool’ of education as the vehicle to connect Jesus with kids and train them to share Jesus with the world.”

Donavan Reeder (principal), Campion Academy

“Teaching was God’s plan for me! I was in nursing but prayed about what God wanted me to do. I love every

moment in the classroom with my kids.”

Carolyn Adams, Lighthouse Christian School

“At risk of sounding cliché, I am a teacher because God said so ... There is no greater joy than sharing Jesus with children who don’t know who He is. The icing on the cake was seeing two of my non-Adventist students baptized last school year!”

Traci Pike, Casper

“This is a good question for all of us, especially as teaching becomes more difficult for a myriad of reasons with a world full of anger and hatred. One thing I know for sure is that I am called to teach His children during these times, especially those who don’t know about God’s love.”

Pennie Wredberg, Lighthouse Christian School

“Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be work- ing with children. My goal in life is to inspire others, and I couldn’t think of a better way than to be in Adventist education teaching the little ones.”

Miss Fellers (K-2), Adventist Christian School

“Love is why I stay in Adventist education. Teaching is not peaches and cream; it’s not even peaches. But in a world that’s falling apart at the seams, often in our own students’ precious lives, showing them Christ’s love is more import- ant than anything else.”

Sarah Gould (K-1), Intermountain Adventist Academy

Why teach?

“In a time in our lives when hope seems frail, I show up for the future leaders of our communities, churches and country. There is no greater way to impact the future than through education.”

Sandy Hodgson (principal/teacher) Vista Ridge Academy

“My ‘why’ for teaching in Adventist education renewed and affirmed itself a week before Christmas vacation. God impressed me to allow a popcorn prayer, and just about all of my 17 students prayed. Each student was so in tune with each other’s prayers that it moved me to tears. I’d choose teaching again every time!”

Kari Lange, HMS Richards

superintendent of education for the Rocky Mountain Conference



Reprinted with permission from OUTLOOK magazine, February 2022.

copyright 2022 North American Division of Adventist Education. all rights reserved.