esus, the Master Teacher, sought not only to impart knowledge and lifelong learning, but His ultimate goal was for His students to live in a meaningful relationship with the Father. This too, is the goal of the new Bible curriculum that is currently being rolled out in academies across the North American Division.

The Adventist Encounter Curriculum uses the Bible as the textbook, ensuring that in every teaching unit, students are intentionally led to discover and unpack the truths of the Bible. There is a strong focus on students personalizing these messages, and growing in Christ (2 Cor. 3:8), then living out one’s faith through service to others in response to the Three Angel’s Messages.

Teachers across the country share how the Holy Spirit is working in their Bible classrooms. Lori Anderson Holm from Loma Linda Academy, shared, “My students are saying how much they enjoy this curriculum. One student said he feels at peace entering the classroom—no panic that he forgot to do something. He knows God will be the focus, giving him a chance to deepen that relationship and focus on who matters most.”

Ben Kreiter, from Forest Lake Academy, has been piloting the Revelation unit to his juniors. He shared, “My students did a student-led evangelism meeting on the book of Revelation. Many of the parents remarked that it was the most positive and Christ-focused Revelation meeting they had attended. I have appreciated the strong emphasis on Christ's characteristics and ministry in heaven and the assurance that God's people will be cared for during the trials of the end. That clearly rubbed off on my students, and ultimately the people they witnessed to. I'm very thankful for a curriculum that remembers it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ.”

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to fall onto the hearts of our teachers and students across the division.


Encounter Bible Curriculum

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Nina Atcheson

Associate Director/Secondary Curriculum


Spring 2016