hat happens to educators at the end of each school year? Some are on a well-deserved vacation recharging their batteries; others have reengaged in a hobby that has been up on a shelf for the past 10-months; some are working on CEU’s, while others are in school laboring toward a degree or endorsements.

Did you know there is a professionally enriching experience for another, smaller group of educators, whom have dedicated 1-3 weeks in June to develop curriculum, review textbooks for adoption, and to develop and align standards?

The 2019 North American Division Summer Curriculum Workshop convenes in Denver, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia on June 10. These committees do their detailed work utilizing personnel selected by the union conferences who work alongside administrators at all levels of Adventist education.

The Early Childhood Committee is developing standards designed to provide direction in both long-range and short-term program planning. Their goal is to equip Spirit-filled classroom teachers to provide instruction emphasizing Seventh-day Adventist goals, concepts, and values in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Elementary (Math, Art), and Secondary (Science) Committees will review textbooks as part of a five to seven-year cycle. Textbooks are selected based on their alignment with Adventist Education Standards to support the Adventist worldview.

The Multi-grade Committee will study the benefits of the multi-grade classroom to create marketing materials. The committee is also developing pacing guides for multi-grade classrooms and a classroom management course for the Adventist Learning Community. The BRIDGE Committee is tasked with developing units for multi-grade teachers in K-1 and K-2 classrooms, aligning them with current standards.

A PK-16 Testing Committee has also been convened to consider other national testing options as the Iowa Assessment. Also, a small committee of Physical Educators will meet to find ways to enhance the Coaching Course for volunteers and physical educators.

After the completion of the summer workshop, the North American Division Curriculum Committee will determine whether

  • The full purpose and intent for the workshop has been met.
  • The criteria for the development of materials for use in Seventh-day Adventist schools have been incorporated consistently.
  • The thrust, emphasis, and guidelines developed are educationally sound.

The material will be recommended according to North American Division Curriculum Committee classification levels for use in North American Division schools.



Arne Nielsen

NAD VP for Education



Aren Nielsen, MA Ed.

Vice President, Education




Summer 2019

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