Web-Based Resources at Special Education Pricing for NAD Affiliated SDA Schools.

hop now and pay for your online classroom resources! Subscription periods run October 1 – September 30.  Orders across the division are consolidated to one NAD order so all of our schools benefit from the larger order numbers.


  • You will need your ORG ID number.  (Find this in the Dashboard or ask your principal or conference. Do NOT make this up.)
  • Subscription period runs October 1 – September 30 (even if you pay now.)
  • Late orders will not be accepted or negotiated. We get our low prices by ordering once and paying once with the vendors. We can’t place multiple orders.
  • Please be sure to give all of the information asked for. Missing information will void your order.
  • Consider “padding” your quantity. Orders are only taken up until September 16. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Not even for 1 or 2 late arriving students.)
  • We will NOT be having any other ordering opportunities during the school year.



Are you looking for a way to bring modern language into your classroom and school? Rosetta Stone K12 solution is accessed 100% online from any computer, phone, or tablet that can access the Internet. Choose any or all of the 24 languages. Some of the more common languages used by schools are Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and English for non-English speakers.  You will find this newest resource in our online store. There are two options available - the silver or gold. Both at a discounted rate for our SDA schools.

Why September 16?

The rationale for September 16 deadline:

Our schools across NAD start at different times. Some start as early as the beginning of August and others as late as the day after Labor Day. In order to accommodate as close to “real” enrollment numbers as possible – the September 16 date is a “happy” medium. Remember! No matter when you pay – the subscription period stays the same.

Online Store

Online Store


September 16

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