Major changes are coming for Adventist Educators within the AE Digital Landscape

Change is Coming!


AE 2.0 website redesign

Look for a whole new look and feel to our Adventist Education  website in May, 2022.

The new AE website will:

  1. Provide consistent navigation across all of Adventist Education websites
  2. Intentionally target content and functionality for specific user groups
  3. Secure content through a single sign-on application providing access to authorized content and functionality (available to all North American Division entities)
  4. Centralize resource management
  5. Integrate an all-inclusive search engine which reaches all sites and content within the Adventist Education digital landscape
  6. Provide customizable dashboards for users based on subject and role


Adventist Education Student Information System (AESIS)

The North American Division Office of Education is supporting the development of a unique student information system (SIS) for Adventist Education.

Look forward to these features — amongst many others!

  • Built-in integrations with Student/Educator IDs and Data Rollup will markedly reduce the administrative side of set-up and increase data accuracy.
  • Online registration, scheduling, communication, lesson planning modules and more
  • Conference-level pre-population of calendar, course management
  • Standards mastery tracking with views for student, parent and teacher
  • No need for custom field "work-arounds," as the SIS will be built to our specifications.
  • AND – no need for imports!

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