H. Stephen Bralley, M.Ed.

Director of Secondary Education, North American Division

n 1881, Mrs. White wrote, “I wish I could impress upon every teacher a full sense of his responsibility for the influence which he exerts upon the young” (5T 28.1), and decades of research since have shown that teachers are indeed the key to student learning and success.  Recognizing this to be true, Seventh-day Adventist certification requirements focus on building the capacity of educators.

Teachers are the key to student learning and success.  As important as it is to prepare students academically, it is even more important for teachers to be prepared to meet the redemptive goals of Adventist education.  As an Adventist education system, then, priority must be given to educating, equipping, encouraging, and empowering teachers so that they can engage and prepare their students for “something better,” a journey to excellence that is only possible through a connection with Jesus. This is the underlying rationale for Seventh-day Adventist teacher certification.

Immersed in a world of rapid change, educators must be engaged in continuous learning and growth to ensure that students are provided a learning experience that equips them for current and future community and church contexts. Adventist educators must commit to reflective learning from God’s word, school data, instructional research, and professional practice to improve learning for themselves, their colleagues, and their students.  Adventist educators are called to do their very best and to commit every practice to God.   As this commitment to growth is developed, student learning will become the means by which success is measured.

Providing opportunities for educators to continuously improve their practice and empowering them to make decisions that impact student learning leads to greater collaboration with colleagues and internal accountability for the success of all students.  Ultimately, an investment in building the capacity of educators will result in improved learning experiences for both educators and students.

The requirements for Seventh-day Adventist Educator Certification in the North American Division are grounded in this philosophy.


Adapted from J2E 2.0


Journey to Excellence 2.0 and Understanding the Value of Teacher Certification


Teachers are the key to student learning and success.

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