Griggs is feeling “Wealthy”

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t is important to explain the title of this article right at the beginning.  Of course, Griggs International Academy is not building up huge sums of money, but we have the biggest treasure possible—our students! The relationship with our students and the chance to serve them every single day is the motivation to deliver a strong education with a faith-based foundation. Our mission is to INSPIRE, TRANSFORM, and SERVE.  Griggs International Academy has a passion to help young people (Grades K-12) to have every opportunity to know God and understand why they are loved by Him. Over the years, the administration and staff have listened to SDA education influencers, parents, and students which has resulted in becoming the Adventist online school that keeps evolving with the needs of todays students.

 Over the years, more and more synchronous elements have been added to the curriculum, as well as, extra-curricular activities.  Students meet with teachers (1:1) during certain points in many of their courses.  The more students and teachers interact, the better the chance of students completing their courses and being successful.  Another way the staff interacts with the students is through Griggs Life.  This includes weekly mentor groups, chapel, a variety of workshops, elementary story time, and devotions.  Our student task force, a group of nine students from around the world, also facilitates more interaction between students and staff by planning events throughout the year. By providing an opportunity to give feedback on events, academic programs and even policy, students have a "voice" and a platform to contribute to their Griggs' experience.

 Griggs International Academy has served individual families and NAD schools for decades, while constantly improving the delivery of hybrid (K-5) and online (6-12) classes.  Our services include helping students around the world, while also providing partnerships with NAD Schools.  For the younger students, Griggs provides instructional materials for the onsite parent  or facilitator to deliver. For grades 6-12, courses are directed by a certified teacher employed by Griggs, and students are supervised by a local parent or facilitator. Due the support of the NAD Education Department, Griggs is able to offer a discount to NAD Schools that go through the process of partnering with Griggs. The Union and Conference education departments work closely with Griggs to support local schools.  Another way that Griggs helps NAD students is the option of providing a single course to a student or a group of students.

 Supporting Adventist Education within the North American Division and globally is an important assignment that is key in the times in which we are living.  The need for support and flexibility has become evident for our institutions and families. The flexibility allows partnerships to be tailored to the needs of an NAD school with a combination of a hybrid program.  For more information, contact Lamar Nangle at  The video linked in the sidebar will provide a summary of how APLE Schools function.  Our goal is to serve families and schools with full programs or select courses to help Adventist Education be accessible to a global audience. The relationships with our students and schools are the most valuable things we can develop, and we are blessed indeed!


Summer 2022

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