ver the past year, a dedicated team of Adventist Educators, along with professional programmers and designers, have worked to develop a new system built for Adventist schools from the ground up. No longer stuck trying to adapt tools built for primarily public school environments (not to mention no more Data Roll-up errors!), AE-Connect is built with the specific needs of Adventist Educators in mind - and is a gift to Adventist Education from the North American Division.

At the convention, hundreds of educators met with Matthew McVane, owner/creative designer and Fawn Fahrer, project manager for Guildhouse Group* to learn how this new tool is tailored to meet  their individual needs and how the new system can work for our Adventist Educators.

AE-Connect will be ready for PK-12 schools for the 2024-25 school year.  This will also include a full standards-based assessment module.



This August, over 100 PK-8 schools onboarded representing 8 unions and 25 conferences.






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