North Tampa
Christian Academy

Opens Its Doors for Learning


ORTH TAMPA CHRISTIAN ACADEMY opened its doors on August 20 to 293 students in Preschool through 12th grade.  The brand new, state-of-the-art facility is impressive, but it’s what’s happening inside the walls that is most exciting.  North Tampa embraces a project-based learning approach and a mastery-based grading system. The school’s motto is to teach students to THINK, CHOOSE, CREATE, and SOLVE for God’s glory.  The school uses technology, cooperative and hands-on learning (such as the innovative Davinci Designer Labs), to engage the students and encourage them to take ownership of their learning and problem-solving.  For example, to begin the year, teams were challenged to build bridges and chariots, with only cardboard and duct tape, that could ferry their entire team over a pool of pond water. The ultimate goal for their students is to solve problems or create something beautiful for and within their community, whether locally or globally.  North Tampa is reaching a much-needed niche for quality, faith-based education within the greater Tampa area. For more information go to


By Julie Cassell, Advancement Specialist


Julie K. Cassell, M.A.

Advancement Specialist
North Tampa Christian Academy

Photos: Chris Louine & Lee Bennett

fall 2018