ow!  It is over!” I can’t believe that the convention is behind us and that we are beginning a new school year. Thanks to each of you that made a difference in the convention.  First of all, to my staff.  Everyone worked very hard and it made a huge difference. Many of you were presenters or helped by being facilitators, or was just that kind face that people are still talking about.

Let me tell a few stories from the behind the scenes. On the first night I challenged us all to be upbeat and pleasant and leave the city a better place. I can honestly say that you rose to that challenge and I have heard many stories of how pleasant our group was, and that the convention center is still talking about the positive spirit we shared with the convention staff.

We were at the NAD registration booth one day and a person came up and asked if he could buy 11 bags. Cathy asked him why he wanted 11 bags and he responded that he was the head bus driver and he wanted bags for each of his drivers. Cathy immediately responded that we were happy to give him the bags as a gift. She started taking out all our flyers and books, so they could have empty bags, and he stopped her saying, “no please leave all of your material, we have come to love your group and we all want to know more about who you are.”

I had another person who was not of our faith come up to me and in tears share how much it meant to them, “just to be around this Christian group”. “words cannot express how much it has meant in my life, just to have people look me in the eye and speak to me with kindness”.  At that point they just gave me a huge hug and wept.

How we treat each other and those around us, makes a difference! Please remember that the children and parents you meet each day need that same affirmation and love every day! Thanks for being the smiling face of Jesus every day in your classroom.


Larry Blackmer

NAD VP for Education



Larry Blackmer

Vice President, Education

Thanks to Each of You



fall 2018