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Teacher, Richmond Academy

et's be honest. Teaching from home is challenging, but so is teaching. You are a master teacher, which means you have been adapting your whole career and you take a lot of pride in your craft. No teacher wants to just “get by,” the way most of us finished this past school year. So, how do you elevate your teaching from home? I am glad you asked.

Here are some places to start.

  • The NAD has put together aecovid.com as a centralized location for resources to help you teach during quarantine.
  • The Adventist Learning Community and I have put together some free continuing education courses to help you elevate your teaching from home skills.

More importantly. Be confident in the skills you already have as an experienced teacher. Be creative and move those skills into this new setting. Most of all lift it up in prayer to God.


Blessings to you,

Desmond Suarez II




You Are a Teaching From Home Expert

FALL 2020

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