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FALL 2020


Iwacu Academy

Kigali, Rwanda

When our firstborn child was reaching school going age, we became acutely aware that there was no school in our home country, Rwanda, that we could send him to that both espoused the values of our faith, and offered an excellent quality Early Childhood learning experience. Our local church had been discussing setting up a school for years, but, for various reasons, it had not materialized.

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Students, parents, educators, and others, the office of Adventist Education would love to hear the story of what Adventist Christian education has meant to you. Your experience can encourage and inspire others who are unsure about their educational future, or that of their children, family members, or friends. Many have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior as a result of Adventist Education, and others have overcome spiritual, financial, or academic difficulties with God's strength. When you share your story, you’re making a difference. Give hope!

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We read in the book Education that “‘something better’ is the watchword of education”  (Education, p. 296).

Join us at ASDASA 2021 as we explore what Adventist Education can be!

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