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eachers in the NAD all had a unique opportunity in March 2020 to fill out a survey that informs denominational leadership, teacher education programs, and the teachers themselves about their efficacy in technology integration. With a strong response rate of 12%, a survey of this magnitude became immediately informative. Serving as a “peek in the mirror,” this study revealed how current NAD teachers feel about their strengths and needs in this area. While the extensive survey results are being prepared for a possible journal publication, you can see a summary of teacher requests here.

Along with fairly high scores for efficacy, tool usage, and alignment to standards and a framework, a number of teachers shared their samples of lesson plans for using technology. See chart here. Other teachers expressed concerns that they needed more support and would like to have incentives to keep learning.  Some wondered what to do next in their growth.

In order to keep the denominational education system moving forward, here are some ideas that follow research as they help teachers professionalize their choices for technology integration:

  • Understand the technology standards that are expected for you and your students.

Educational leadership has a powerful role to play in teacher efficacy. Along with the ever-expanding NAD technology website resources begun in 2013 (see here), there are creative new approaches to professional development to incorporate, as described in the list and citation below.

  • Plan professional learning options that are based on standards.
  • Content focused.
  • Incorporate active learning.
  • Support collaboration.
  • Use models of effective practice.
  • Provide coaching and expert support.
  • Offer feedback and reflection.
  • Do all this over a sustained duration (Darling-Hammond et al., 2017; Hicks & Sailors, 2018).

Teachers who make these professional choices, backed by the supportive NAD leadership, will be even stronger the next time they "look in the mirror" and have the opportunity to share.



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A Peek in the Mirror

Winter 2020

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