What is so special about STEM?

winter 2021

Did you know that...

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that between 2017 – 2029 STEM jobs are projected to grow 8.8%.

The Education Commission of the States reports the average median hourly wage for STEM jobs is $38.85 compared to $19.30 for all other types of US jobs.

God is the creator of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics) and gives our students innate curiosity about our world. The North American Division Office of Education has highlighted STEM as one of our top five goals. STEM is an important emphasis for schools as it encourages our students to explore STEM careers, discover the wonder of God’s creative power, opens doors at our universities and in our health care facilities. Ellen White stated that, “…science is all kinds of power.”

One of our strong supporters in Adventist Education is the Versacare Foundation. This year we partnered with Loma Linda University to apply for a $350,000 grant for STEM teacher training. We are excited to be able to offer the following opportunities for our schools:

  1. STEM Tuesdays – the Adventist Learning Community is hosting weekly STEM lessons taught by outstanding STEM experts for students. Low cost or recyclable materials are listed on the site so teachers can provide the materials for students to engage in STEM lessons – they are categorized in K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and high school bands.
  2. STEM Cohorts – a yearlong, facilitated training program where teachers are coached by STEM experts from our universities, STEM certified schools and STEM trainers.
  3. STEM kits – teachers can send in photographs of their students engaging in the STEM programs above to receive up to $400 toward STEM kits.
  4. Adventist Teacher Connect – hosts Project-based Learning Units that are ready to use and provide faith and learning connections.
  5. Opportunities to attend EXSEED STEM trainings. This year the grant supported the highest number of attendees at the EXSEED 2021 virtual training.
  6. Chemistry Camp – hosted by Andrews University for teachers.
  7. Engineering Workshops – taught for teachers at Walla Walla University
  8. Florida Innovation Lab – NAD Students were able to attend a summer training session at FIL
  9. Graduate STEM courses will be available for teachers in the coming year.


Exciting STEM initiatives are in development across the NAD. We have STEM certified schools, aeronautics programs, robotics leagues, makerspaces, fabrication labs, and partnerships with industries.

You will also find NAD students participating in service to their local and global communities. Some examples include: creating robotic limbs from 3D printers for export to families in economic need, working in organic farms providing produce in food deserts, developing lifesaving technologies during the pandemic, establishing working farms with livestock learning, creating fish hatcheries,  gourmet foods for commercial enterprises and providing unique learning opportunities in our forest schools.

We would love to hear from you about your STEM program or if you have any questions about participating in the grant opportunities listed in this article. NADOE is standing ready to meet the needs of our teachers and our students. Adventist Education is committed to providing “Something Better”.





STEM Training Flyer


The Bureau of Labor Statistics also informs us that median annual wage of STEM occupations in 2020 was $89,780, well over double of that of non-STEM occupations.

Leisa Morton-Standish, PhD

Director of Elementary Education

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