NEW: Standards-based Adventist Teacher Toolbox on the ALC

Leisa Morton-Standish, PhD

Director of Elementary Education

s a newly minted teacher in the early 1990’s I arrived in my classroom with six file folder boxes for each of my subject areas as well as folders full of pacing guides and unit plans for the year. I would comb through these boxes for resources and photocopy more as I came across great ideas for my students.

Fast forward to 2022 and we have a plethora of resources at our fingertips. We can find multimedia resources, visual literacy, songs, online interactive quizzes, project and problem-based learning units, rich task assessments and so much more. What value can we add from the NAD? We can provide distinctly Adventist, faith-based learning resources.

 The NAD Office of Education in cooperation with the Adventist Learning Community are pleased to announce a new interactive digital database for teachers K-12 that is a one-stop shop for Standards-based Learning (SBL) resources.

 As teachers are working in professional learning communities, complete the required training for SBL, have a supportive collaborative culture in their schools, and have a system for highly effective teaching, they will be given a login from their conference to access the resources including:


  • K-12 Proficiency scales and student-friendly “I can” statements
  • Prioritized standards in the four core subject areas ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science
  • Yearlong plans
  • Vocabulary alignment
  • Unit plans
  • Resources
  • SBL Training
  • Aligned faith-based resources (searchable from the CIRCLE database)

SBL is an innovation based on demonstration of mastery. Students choose or are assigned standards-aligned activities. Teachers assess the student output and choose the appropriate mastery level that was demonstrated.

 SBL is powerful because it provides a framework to regularly measure student progress. When teachers have a continuous understanding of students’ mastery, they can adapt instruction to better meet students’ needs. This causes education to be more effective and engaging.


For more information about Standards-based learning:



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