t seems like everything changed overnight. Suddenly all the kids were at home and we were sitting at our kitchen table trying to figure out how to keep our classrooms and learning moving under quarantine. Some of us had a clue of the possibilities, and some of us were left trying to figure out how to get a computer at home.

It’s currently March and some educators are wondering what happens when this ends. What should we learn and what should we forget as we return to normal? While I was contemplating these ideas, I came across this article from Nicholas Provenzano titled “Day One Remote Learning Expectations” (read his short article for the expanded explanation).

He listed 5 expectations he would use during the quarantine:

  1. Wellness
  2. Engagement Over Busy
  3. Feedback = Assessment
  4. Compassion
  5. Have Fun

I would suggest these are good educational expectations to keep post quarantine.


H. Stephen Bralley, M.Ed.

Director of Secondary Education, North American Division

What to Remember When Things Are Normal Agaın

Summer 2020

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