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hether you are a first-year teacher or a seasoned one, by now you can probably attest to the fact that teachers spend considerable time learning, whether formally or informally. Findings from a 2022 National Survey of Educators in district, charter, and private schools, conducted by EdChoice, indicate that 43% of teachers spend between 1-3 hours a week on professional learning (McShane 2022).

Consider technology for classroom use, for example. Over the last ten to twelve years or so, we have had to learn how to incorporate smart boards, implement one-to-one devices, adopt Google Suite, Google Classroom or other LMS platforms, blended learning, robotics, video production, school broadcasting, and now AI!

In addition, according to the MDR Report on Classroom Trends, teachers spend on average between 4-5 hours a week searching for instructional materials and/or creating their own (EdNET Insight Report, 2016). Altogether, that amounts to a lot of time!

Fortunately, as an Adventist teacher, there are a number of resources already available to you. The NAD provides teachers with free access to a host of online professional learning courses and resources offered through the Adventist Learning Community (ALC), in partnership with the NAD Office of Education.

To begin on ALC, use your Adventist Education Dashboard username and password to login. This login information connects your ALC account to your Conference and Union Registrar, so you can automatically report and track all your professional learning.


Take a look at some of the resources available on ALC for Adventist teachers. (Click on a heading to view details.)


Spring 2023

The next time you sit down to look for teaching and learning resources, remember to check out the Adventist Learning Community! Explore, learn, connect, and share!

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McShane, M. Q. (2022). How Do Teachers Spend Their Time? Reporting Findings from a National Survey of Educators in District, Charter, and Private Schools. EdChoice.

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