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Associate Director for the Adventist Learning Community

ost people will undoubtedly acknowledge that the teaching and learning landscape has changed significantly in the last few decades.  This shift in educational practice is partly due to the increase and prevalence of technology, globalization and digitalization. In 21st century learning, teachers intentionally encourage collaboration, innovation, creativity, critical thinking, global awareness, and other key skills in order to prepare learners to be successful in this fast-paced, rapidly changing world.

One new way that Adventist teachers can facilitate opportunities for students to develop these skills is by participating in Adventist Teacher Connect (ATC). The Adventist Learning Community is pleased to introduce this new and free platform that provides a central connecting point for Adventist teachers and schools. This platform allows teachers to connect and collaborate with other teachers and classrooms across the NAD and the world.  Classrooms can connect virtually, extending learning beyond classroom walls.

ATC also provides opportunities for students to engage in Project-Based Learning (PBL). By participating in PBL, students authentically develop 21st century skills as they strive to find solutions to real-world problems at their school, communities and beyond. This platform is a great place for teachers to find project ideas as well as share their own¬ projects and results with the community of teachers.

Through technology and collaboration, teachers can create innovative, fun and meaningful learning experiences for their students. Above all, through ATC, teachers and students can interact with other classrooms around the country and around the world that share the same Adventist values, beliefs and mission to serve others.

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Adventist Teacher Connect:  Facilitating 21st Century Learning

Spring 2020

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