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ow many of you know what TDEC is?  TDEC stands for Technology and Distance Education Committee.  It serves the North American Division PK-12 education system. But - more importantly, do you know who your TDEC rep is? TDEC is co-chaired by Martha Ban, NAD Director for Education and Stephen Bralley, NAD Director for Secondary Education/Accreditation. Membership consists of one representative from each of the nine unions of the North American Division along with a representative from Griggs International Academy, and the North American Division IT Services.

The group meets regularly to discuss new technologies, explore distance education programs and protocols, approve preferred vendors, aggregate technological resources, and create sample technology-related documents for schools - just to name a few of the responsibilities.

Explore what TDEC is doing for you on our Adventist Education technology website ( You will find information on Britannica, Visual Thesaurus, technology plan templates, technology discounts, professional development opportunities, and so much more! Reach out to your TDEC rep for more information.



Southern Union Conference

Andrea Henry-Smith

Associate Director for the Library/Information Resources Program at the Southern Union


Andrea currently serves as the Associate Director for the Library/Information Resources Program at the Southern Union and is a member of the TDEC Committee. Andrea is passionate about empowering parents, teachers, and students with the tools needed to bridge the digital divide and ensure we raise responsible digital citizens. Andrea communicates TDEC information to the local conferences in the Southern Union during their school library resources workshops, and principal and teacher’s meetings and then takes their information and concerns regarding technology back to the TDEC Committee.

Southwestern Union Conference

Aaron Long

Junior High Vice Principal @ Burton Adventist Academy


I seek to connect schools with resources to facilitate the continual improvement of technology implementation and training, better allowing schools in the SW Union to enrich and support the student learning experience. I also assist schools with technology improvement planning, from equipment selection to phased implementation planning. And for those simply needing a sounding board for technology improvement ideas, I look forward to lending an ear and sharing input as needed.

Columbia Union Conference

Desmond Suarez II

Teacher and Chaplin at Richmond Academy


I enjoy helping schools and teachers to use technology to enable great learning. Technology shouldn't get in the way but enable teachers to deliver instruction in more exciting and effective ways. You can reach out to me for discussions on how best to implement technologies in your classrooms.

Pacific Union Conference

Fernando Lista Oleynick

Superintendent of Education for the Nevada-Utah Conference


I am the TDEC (Technology and Distance Education Committee) representative in the Pacific Union Conference territory. I am responsible for presenting TDEC reports at the Fall Education Council regarding the latest technology trends applicable to education environment. It is also my duty to connect schools with OETC (Negotiated Educational Technology Contracts) in order for them to have access to discounted technology materials (software and hardware).

Mid-America Union

Tyler Rettler

Rocky Mountain Conference & Mile High Academy IT Director


I help spread the word about AE Tech resources, help with purchasing and supporting our resources. Please contact me with any questions about NAD technology resources and purchasing support.

Lake Union Conference

Ruth Horton, Ed.D

Director of Education


It is my pleasure to assist Lake Union educators in the following ways. Contact me with questions or requests.

Clarifying - the important role TDEC plays in facilitating, supporting, and fostering 21st Century Education, using variety of technologies, in NAD Seventh-day Adventist Schools.

Facilitate - Disseminating information including TDEC initiatives, as well as recommendations, policies, and new user-friendly tech gadgets.

Feedback - Providing feedback from the field to inform recommendations and decisions made by TDEC

Pilot’er’ - Pilots recommended technologies such as Victory VR that support learning

Southern Union Conference

Jonathan Sumner

Associate Superintendent, Georgia-Cumberland Conference


At each Southern Union departmental and advisory meeting I give a TDEC report and encourage members to share the information with field in their area.  It is a personal privilege to support the Southern Union educators through emails, texts, and calls.

Seventh-day adventist church in Canada

Colin HIll

Director Information Technology – Burman University

TDEC Representative for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada


As the SDACC rep. on the NAD TDEC committee I try to ensure that as far as possible any initiatives take our unique Canadian needs or requirements into account,  I report to the Education Counsel and take forward to TDEC any questions and concerns they want addressed.  I also work with Conference Educational Superintendents on educational technology issues as they request. I also work with any principal or teacher who contacts me to assist in any way possible in their use of educational technology.

North Pacific Union Conference

Archie Harris

Associate Superintendent, Upper Columbia Conference


As the NPUC rep, I share the results of our TDEC meetings with Superintendents, Academy Principals, and sometimes the NPUC Board of Education. Teachers from the NPUC can contact me if they have any questions regarding what TDEC does for them, or if they have a product they would like TDEC to look into.

Atlantic Union Conference

Sherina Phillips

Assistant Superintendent for Data & Technology


The Atlantic Union is cognizant of the need to ensure that updated information flows through its field. As such, a TDEC report is given at every Union Advisory. We have additionally developed a Technology Advisory, co-chaired by the Union Director and the TDEC representative, consisting of members from each conference within the Union. I provide support to Superintendents in our Union with responses to questions on resources and, in some cases, training on technology resources is rendered where possible. I also work with principals and teachers on basic EdTech problems.

NAD IT Services

Milton Sand

Assoc. Director ITS – NAD


I collaborate with Martha providing the infrastructure to host EDU web services and systems. The NADcloud is at the service of EDU in all of our NAD territory!

NAD Department of Education

Martha Ban

TDEC Co-Chair, Director of Technology for Education


My TDEC role is to help with planning of meetings, communication of technology discounts and information, keeping the AE Tech website current - and other tech things!  I love to help facilitate getting technology information out to our educators through SLACK, email, and our awesome TDEC reps!

NAD Department of Education

H. Stephen Bralley

TDEC Co-Chair, Director of Secondary and Accreditation for the NAD


I am the Co-Chair of the TDEC Committee, which translates to chief mischief maker.  My role is to find complex interrelationships between people, things, and ideas.  Deconstructing and rebuilding the ideas of the committee into new applications is a big focus.


Distance Education

Ben Kreiter

D2L Administrator at Griggs International Academy


I am the TDEC representative for Distance Learning schools whether that’s your only approach, or if you supplement an in-person program with it. I have experience with both hybrid synchronous programs where students are remotely joining an in-person class, and with fully asynchronous programs where students are working through online materials independently. I am happy to serve as an additional support to your Union representative for questions and concerns regarding Distance Learning!

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